Bruce Lilly

                                                                            Professional Writer and Editor






Doug Booher


Indiana University Auditorium

1211 East Seventh Street

Bloomington, IN 47405-5501

Phone: 812.855.0170



I've worked with Doug regularly for over six years, writing articles to promote arts and entertainment performances at the Indiana University Auditorium.  To see samples of this work, click here.



Ann K. Riggs

Theological and Ecumenical Consulting

942 Indian Landing Road

Millersville, MD 21108



For several years Ann held the position of Associate General Secretary for Faith and Order for the National Council of Churches of Christ.  She is now in charge of the Friends Theological College in Kenya.  While serving at the National Council of Churches Ann hired me for several different projects.  One was to help create a ten-minute video that was used to promote an upcoming conference.  My part was to write a video treatment, which was a second-by-second plan describing everything that would appear in the video.


Another project entailed creating written materials to be used for a program that would be available to churches all across the country.  Here are Ann's comments about working with me on this:


Whether the project needed a generalized treatment or careful attention to detail, Bruce delivered what was asked and was a pleasure to work with.  He was attentive to nuance and quick to foresee what the end product should be.  Really early on Bruce could see where we needed to focus our energies, and thanks to his acumen in this way, the project was completed quickly and efficiently.   He came in on budget and on time.


Bruce met with me and I explained everything to him, then it was out of my hair.  He worked independently.  Between scheduled meetings, he was able to make substantial progress without the need to bother me with frivolous queries.


He had a great imagination at the early stages and helped shape the project with his invaluable contributions.  Bruce really does live up to his promise to make his client’s life easier.  He took the burden off of my back.  I was able to do my part of the project and then give him the parameters for his part.  Bruce took a leadership role in creating a finished product that perfectly suited our needs.





Cheryl Crouch

Executive Director, Marketing

Bloomington Auxiliaries, Indiana University

900 East Seventh Street, IMU 015

Bloomington, IN 47405

Phone: 812.855.1998



I've helped Cheryl with a wide assortment of projects that stretch back six years.   Here are her comments on our history of working together:


Bruce has worked with us on many projects over the years and his work always exceeds our expectations.  He consistently does extensive research and has a knack for asking the right questions.  The end result is a finished piece that successfully engages the targeted audience.  Bruce is a very talented writer and I give him the highest recommendation.


In the fall of 2009 Cheryl was installed as president of the National Association of College Auxiliary Services (NACAS), the professional organization for her field.  She sought my help with a piece needed for College Services, the quarterly magazine from NACAS.  We discussed the content over the phone and when she saw the first draft I created, this was her response:


Wow!  This is absolutely fantastic!!!  I need to tweak it just a bit but you have really captured what I wanted to say.  Thank you so very much!!!!




Mark Cubine

Vice President of Marketing

McLeod Software

Birmingham, AL

Phone: 205.823.5100



Mark is an expert in the use of information technology (IT) and best practices in manufacturing.  In 2002, along with two of his colleagues, Mark wanted to write a book that would provide much-needed guidance for the use of IT by major manufacturing companies.  They chose me to work as the ghostwriter of the book, and I was selected in part because I was not already well-versed in manufacturing IT.  They wanted someone who could take their technical ideas and communicate them in a way that could be easily understood by manufacturing company managers who knew little about IT.  (To learn more about the book, click here.)


Since writing the book, I've worked with Mark on white papers, newsletter articles, and other marketing materials.  Here are his comments:


I have worked with Bruce for over eight years now, and he is one of the best professional writers out there when it comes to working with thought leaders.  People within a technical discipline or specific industry field often face the challenge of presenting their ideas in words that any business person can understand.  Bruce is great at doing this.  He has a talent for grasping your thoughts and articulating them in a powerful, coherent, and engaging manner.  Much of our thought leadership materials, particularly the white papers and our book, would never have come to fruition without him as an integral part of our team.  I plan to continue working with Bruce so that I can leverage his unique abilities.



Takuya Akaida 


Nullarbor Press, Inc. 

Suite 402, 51-10 Honmachi 

1-chome, Shibuya-ku 

Tokyo 151-0071 


Phone: (Country code—area code—8-digit local number) 




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