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Services offered — Copywriting 
Quick and clever 
If you are like many other people today, you've got too much to do, you're always busy, and you feel overcommitted.   That means you have precious little time to spend gathering new information.  So, to keep you engaged, I have to keep this pitch lively, and move on quickly to the next idea— 
          Know your audience 
          Most copy doesn't try to speak to everyone at once.  Instead, it's directed at a specific target audience.  A talented copywriter, therefore, must be— 
                How do you like your copy?  Hip and cool?  Serious and penetrating?  Humorous and light?  All flavors served here. I'm confident that you'll get the exact flavor you want because— 
      I listen 
      I also ask a lot of questions.  Asking questions and then listening carefully to your answers enables me to produce precisely the copy you need.  In fact— 
        I guarantee it 
        My work for you isn't done until you're satisfied.  And I promise not only excellent writing, but also— 
Exemplary service 
Attentive, prompt, and reliable service is my trademark.  Count on it. 
          Of course, this page is one sample of my copywriting.  For more samples, visit other pages on this site that describe the services I offer.  And click here to see a sample of copy written for a travel guidebook. 

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