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Business writing specialty: Manufacturing IT
Youre the IT expert.  You know what IT can do for manufacturing.  You know that the right systems and the right architecture will have a powerful impact on performance, and you know that the opportunities for dramatic improvement come in a variety of ways.  It could be through delivering real-time visibility for the first time ever or capturing the critical data that ERP systems must have in order to work their corporate-wide magic or by performing a multitude of other functions that allow companies to streamline production, reduce waste, and nail down quality assurance.  In other words, you know that "Lean Manufacturing" will not be achieved without making the right IT decisions. 

Your expertise is essential because manufacturing IT is tremendously diverse and complex.  There is no one size that fits all here.  There are many options for each situation, but not all of them will work.  A successful IT implementation comes about only after diligent research, intelligent design, and savvy execution.  As the expert, it's up to you to ensure that other people fully appreciate the substantial return on investment that IT offers as well as the formidable challenges of bringing new software into a manufacturing environment. 

Thats where I come in.  Youre the IT expert; Im the communications expert.  You understand how all of the pieces to the IT puzzle fit together; I understand how to explain the benefits of the finished product to the people who require a clear justification for spending millions of dollars on new technology. 

I have a lot of experience at doing this.  I am the ghostwriter of a book on manufacturing IT authored by three leading IT consultants: John Clemons, Mark Cubine, and Kevin Ake.  The book, Information Technology for Manufacturing: Reducing Costs and Expanding Capabilities (St. Lucie Press, 2003, 328 pages), covers the spectrum of IT applications used in manufacturing companies today, and it gives explicit examples of the benefits derived from the intelligent use of these systems.  In a review, Julie Fraser, Principle and Analyst for Industry Directions Inc., praised the book for its "clear prose" and "easy-to-read yet informative style."  In addition to the book, I have ghostwritten and edited an assortment of white papers and marketing materials on various aspects of manufacturing IT. 

Your job is mastering the vast complexities of the computer software systems used in manufacturing, and that is no simple task.  So why not concentrate on what you do best and let me assist you by doing what I do best?  My job is taking your ideas about the benefits of manufacturing IT and creating written materials that fully elucidate your points.  Using clear, concise, and engaging prose, I will help you make a persuasive case for the use of IT so that stakeholders from marketing, sales, operations, engineering, and finance have an accurate picture of how everything works 

The easiest way to see a sample of my writing is to read the Introduction to Information Technology for Manufacturing.  (To do so, click here.)  You may also want to read Julie Fraser's full review of the book, and you can do that by clicking here.  To learn more about the book from the publisher's web site, click here. 

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