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Services offered — Public relations writing
Presenting a face to the public is a multi-faceted challenge. 

    Certain occasions require that formal and stately prose be composed.  Words must be sharply selected, phrasing must be carefully crafted, and overall, form must be faithfully followed to convey the desired tone.


 But formal won’t always cut it.  
Sometimes, you need words that have an edge, or ones that show a bit of flash  
     —so that you can rivet attention, and thrill and dazzle the reader. 

Banish boredom with prose that creates color. 

               Some will love it—others won’t, but everyone will notice—and remember.

Of course, in some cases you just need to be casual and direct.  Make the writing a simple message from one person to another.  I’m sure you understand what I’m saying here.


Every situation is unique, so please keep in mind that I am committed to getting it just right for you.  I guarantee your satisfaction.  No job is finished until you say it’s OK. 

To see a public relations essay promoting the importance of universities, click here.  To see an article promoting a play, click here; for one promoting city festivals, click here; and to see a Top Ten list promoting a university auditorium, click here. 

"This is great! … Thank you so much!  Beautifully done."
     — Candace Decker, Company Manager, Bloomington Playwrights Project
".…thanks for the wonderful section on the Festival…"
     — LuAnne Holladay, Administrative Director, Lotus Education and Arts Foundation



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