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Services offered — Dialogues and narratives
Everyone loves a story—even if it’s only thirty seconds long.  That’s why dialogues can be so effective as radio ads.  Dialogues and narratives also form the core of many instructional and educational videos because stories bring ideas to life. 

Whatever the application, let me help you create the stories you need.  I will bring to the task creative ideas for characters, plots, and settings along with an ear for the spoken word. 

Here is a sample radio ad.  (Actually, it’s a little bit too long for a radio spot, but I decided to let that pass in this case.) 

 Bob:  (excited and enthusiastic) Kate, you won’t believe this web site I 
          just found on the Internet!  It may be the answer to our problems. 
Kate:  (dripping with sarcasm) Oh, really, Bob?  Maybe the site you found 
          today will be even more helpful than the site you found last 
          week—you know, the one that explained how a company could 
          avoid paying taxes by becoming a religion,…but the site you found 
          the week before was even better—you remember, the one that 
          promises free ink jet cartridges every time you win at their game of 
          solitaire,…and we shouldn’t forget the– 
 Bob:  No, no, this isn’t like that.  It’s just this one guy’s site. 
Kate:  This better be good, Bob.  We’ve got more work than we can handle 
          right now, and I’m trying to get some of it done. 
 Bob:  That’s just it.  Here, look at the home page. 
Kate:  (reading aloud) “Bruce Lilly—Professional Writer & Editor.”  So
          this guy manages to create a home page that contains his name
          and a few other words without making a single typo.  Very 
          impressive, Bob.
 Bob:  C’mon, Kate, just yesterday you said you were dying to have 
          someone else do the writing for the company policies handbook. 
Kate:  Sure, but what makes you think “Bruce Lilly—Professional Writer 
          & Editor” can do it? 
 Bob:  Well, gosh, he’s a professional, isn’t he?  I mean, he’s got his own 
          web site, after all. 
Kate:  Bob, wake up!  My ten-year-old nephew has his own web site.  That 
          doesn’t mean– 
 Bob:  But look, he’s got samples of his writing on here, tons of ‘em.  And 
          see all of these other pages—they describe the services he offers. 
          And look here—a list of references.  We can call these people—or 
          e-mail them—and find out if he’s any good or not. 
Kate:  Hmm…, you know, Bob, you may be on to something here.  Let’s 
          find out more about this guy.  And you know what, maybe your 
          net-surfing isn’t a waste of time, after all. 
 Bob:  Really?  In that case let me show you this other site I found about 
          using astrology to plan business investments and …. 

(We hear Kate give a big sigh as the conversation fades out.  Then a narrator comes on.) 

Narrator:  Good writing makes a good impression—hire a professional.  Go 
                to  That’s 

To view more dialogue samples, click here. 


Our narrators admired your dialogues for being natural and realistic.  Your writing  talent and creativity are excellent. 
    —Tsuyoshi Yoshida, Nullarbor Press, Tokyo

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