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What I do, how much I charge, and how to use this website

What I do


If you need something written, thereís a good chance I can help you write it.  I work with clients in many different ways on all kinds of writing projects.  Iíve ghostwritten a book plus scores of newsletter articles, columns, and white papers.  Iíve written marketing copy, profiles of individuals, dialogues and narratives, video treatments, essays, speeches, and more.  My work has involved topics ranging from Broadway musicals to the use of computer technology in manufacturing plants, from healthcare costs to immigration, and from parenting to green city planning.


People commonly think of a writer as a wordsmith, as someone who has a talent for finding a clever way to express a thought or state an idea.  Good writers certainly must be able to find the right words and craft sentences of all shapes and sizes, but there's more.  The best writers are experts at organizing thoughts and ensuring that ideas flow logically and seamlessly.


One of the primary challenges I often face as a writer entails the work of organizing the ideas and helping my clients envision the finished piece.  Clients frequently come to me with only a general notion of what they want to say.  In these cases Iím confronted with a mound of thoughts unloaded on me in no particular order.


A critical part of what I offer clients is the ability to discern the vital themes and to structure the material in a logical and lucid manner.  Then at the writing stage I carefully choose words and string sentences together to articulate the message.  The end result is a piece that engages and informs the intended audience.  Over and over again clients have told me that Iíve done a great job of taking raw material and turning it into the finished product they desired.


Here are some of their comments:

  • "You have done an amazing job taking the spaghetti in my brain, and turning it into a coherent article, with very little time expended on my part."

  • "Iíve seen on many occasions how you turn a sowís ear into a silk purse."

  • "Wow!  This is absolutely fantastic!!!  I need to tweak it just a bit but you have really captured what I wanted to say.  Thank you so very much!!!!"



How much I charge


The short story is that freelance writers often charge either by the hour or by the word. I generally look at jobs in terms of the time they will require, and my standard rate is $80 per hour.


The long story is more complicated.  Determining a fair price for my work is an inexact science, because almost every job presents some unexpected twists and turns.  I consider many different factors before I arrive at a fee, one of which may be your intended budget.  I'm always willing to negotiate, so if you think I may be the best writer for your needs, get in touch.  We'll discuss the scope of your project and I'll suggest how much I might charge to do the work.




How to use this website


Iíve intentionally kept this website simple and straightforward, so thereís really no big secret to using this website.  At the same time, I thought it might be good to point out a few things:

  • There are more writing samples that anyone could want to read, but if you donít find precisely the sort of writing sample youíre seeking, contact me.  I will be happy to supply more writing samples to suit your needs.

  • If you want to know more about me personally, the Profile page has a photo along with an essay that describes how I came to pursue writing as a career.

  • I have several references listed on the References page, but I can provide more.  If you need to speak with someone who has experience working with me in a particular context, such as ghostwriting, just let me know and Iíll arrange it.

  • The Services offered page lists several categories, but don't worry if your project doesn't seem to fit any of them.  My services aren't limited to the areas listed.  No writer is the perfect match for every client, but if you think I might have the skills you're seeking in a writer, contact me and we'll discuss it.


                I look forward to hearing from you!


                                                       ó  Bruce




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